Serve the Country, Serve the World

Traffic Control - Techno India Group has taken a commendable initiative to involve their 1st-year students in traffic control. This program not only helps to create responsible citizens but also aids in community and nation building. The students are trained to manage traffic and control the situation, which is a vital skill that is required in today's world. Techno India Group believes that the students are the future of a nation, and this initiative plays a significant role in shaping their character and instilling in them the values of discipline and responsibility. It is a great way to encourage students to become more socially aware and participate in activities that can make a difference in society.

Cleaning Day - Techno India Group has initiated a "Cleaning Day" program where students participate in cleaning public spaces like Howrah Station and the Ganges river. This program helps in creating awareness about cleanliness and encourages students to take responsibility for maintaining a clean environment. Through this initiative, students learn the importance of community service and contribute towards nation-building. Moreover, it instills a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the community. Such initiatives not only help in keeping the surroundings clean but also inculcate values in students that they carry forward in their personal and professional lives.

NGO - Techno India Group has partnered with several NGOs to undertake social work programmes for the betterment of society. The students are encouraged to participate in these programmes that aim to improve the lives of the underprivileged sections of society. The initiatives include working towards the betterment of children's education, healthcare, and livelihood, among others. The students learn valuable life lessons while engaging in social work, such as empathy, teamwork, and leadership. The social work programmes not only benefit the society but also help in the all-round development of the students. Techno India Group believes in creating socially responsible citizens who can contribute positively to society.