Virtual Reality Lab

In the present day and age, Virtual Reality has emerged as one of the most promising technologies holding enormous potential in almost every walk of life. With the help of software and scientific props which heighten our primary senses, Virtual Reality creates a pseudo world allowing us to interact with virtual objects and perform actions as well. Ranging from the fields of Engineering and Medicine to Architecture and Manufacturing, scholars and professionals have been employing VR to better design and visualize solutions to demanding and challenging tasks in their respective fields.

As an academic institute of repute, Techno India firmly believes in imparting knowledge about state-of-the-art technologies to keep the students informed of revolutionary and promising innovations. Aspirants are encouraged to explore the Virtual Reality laboratory that has been established in the campus premises to ensure that they embrace the opportunities created by this technology and further exploit them for research studies. Enlightening seminars and workshops organized in collaboration with premier universities and industries focus on the future prospects of VR technology and how they are presently impacting the society at large.

Initiatives such as these bear witness to the unfaltering zeal of TIG in motivating and inspiring its students to dream big and soar to the peak of transformational research innovations.