Research & Development

Techno Main Salt Lake has the privilege of boasting faculty who are drawn from the premier institutes of the country like IITs, NITs, JU and other distinguished institutions. Almost all faculty members hold doctorates and all of them are dedicated towards furthering the cause of cutting-edge research in their respective domains and departments. Students are provided rigorous academic training and are encouraged to publish academic papers in top journals. Some of the publishers which regularly publish our research work include IEEE, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Elsevier and ACM among many other prestigious publication houses. TMSL also organises a yearly international academic conference (ICCECE) which attracts top academic talent from all over the world and provides students a great opportunity to learn from the best in their fields.

1. The impressive list of research projects funded by national and international organizations like ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) reflect the remarkable quality of research work conducted at this reputed institute

1. Techno India Group organizes the IEEE Conference i.e. International Conference on Computer, Electrical & Communication Engineering (ICCECE) every year, seeking submission from Industry, Government and Academia focusing on offbeat Interdisciplinary Research Papers on practical as well as theoretical aspects of Computing, Electrical and Communication Engineering.

2. Techno India Group has also established a Radio Astronomy Laboratory where the students have communicated with the planet Jupiter, capturing the sounds of its rotation.

3. Students of the institute have been sent for Robotics training in Germany where they have acquired various opportunities to setup their vision for their next future step