Rules and Regulations

1. Techno India Group & Techno India University, West Bengal strictly abide by the norms formulated by UGC and AICTE. Students enrolled in the departments of Architecture, Pharmacy & Law follow the norms of the concerned regulatory bodies such as Council of Architecture, Pharmacy Council of India & Bar Council of India respectively.

2. Techno India has numerous constituent cells comprising senior faculty members that cater to every intricate issue in the campus and hostel premises. Anti-ragging and sexual harassment cells have been established in the campus and hostel grounds that attend to ragging and sexual discrimination issues. The campus is under CCTV surveillance 24x7 that strictly disallows students from engaging in notorious activities. Failing to abide by these regulations results into harsh measures being taken against the candidates (including expulsion and imprisonment).

3. Students are eligible to appear in semester examinations provided he/she attends at least 75% of the theoretical, practical and sessional classes in a particular semester. He/she is entitled to appear for the semester examinations and campus recruitment drives only if he/she satisfies the mentioned attendance criteria.

4. Students will be subjected to suspension and even expulsion (as per the college/university norms) on account of destruction of campus property.

5. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful towards the faculty members and staff members of Techno India Group. Misbehavior in this regard will not be entertained and will be highly looked down upon.

6. Students are expected to be attired in college/university uniforms within the campus grounds. Also, Smoking and addiction/illegal activities in the college and hostel premises will be dealt with harsh consequences.

7. Discipline and all round holistic development are expected from students at Techno India. Being a well round person is paid pivotal importance at this institute.

8. Techno India organizes soft skill development sessions and grooming classes to efficiently prepare students for campus recruitment. Attendance in these sessions will highly benefit the students as these programs have been designed specifically to aptly guide them through the placement drives. Notorious activity of any kind during these classes is highly discouraged.