Hospital Management

The Department of Hospitality Management at Techno Main Salt Lake provides students with a comprehensive and practical education in the hospitality industry. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for the competitive and diverse world of hospitality, with a focus on practical skills such as customer service, event planning, and food and beverage management. Our experienced faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, and are dedicated to helping students succeed. Our courses cover a range of topics, including hotel and restaurant management, tourism and travel, and event planning. At the Department of Hospitality Management, we are committed to providing our students with hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to gain real-world experience. Through our partnerships with leading hospitality companies, students have the opportunity to work with industry professionals and gain valuable experience in the field. Join our program and prepare for a rewarding career in the exciting world of hospitality.

Program Intake Duration Entry Level
HM 60 4 Years After Class 12
HM (L) 6 3 Years After Diploma/B.Sc

To identify individual potential, capabilities and skills and bring them to the forefront to achieve excellence in terms of global standards.

To practice innovative and modern methods of pedagogy providing a congenial environment encouraging holistic education.

To foster quality improvement initiatives by promoting research, project and consultancy expediting collaborative ventures with the industry.

To enhance employability skills through intra and inter-institutional activities beyond classrooms encouraging teamwork, thereby increasing competence and confidence.

To nurture entrepreneurship programmes which will open up opportunities to build leaders with integrity and ethics, thereby promoting stability and sustainability.


To be a leading business school that contributes to the holistic development of students, businesses and society through excellence in grooming leadership, entrepreneurial talent and research with the purpose of fulfilling the industry requirements.


1. Establish themselves as effective management professionals by solving real life business problems through the application of managerial knowledge.

2. Develop correct attitude that will prepare them for life-long learning which shall equip them to handle ever growing business complexities.

3. Deliver as an effective team member in both uni-disciplinary and/or multi-disciplinary domains.

4. Perform along diverse career paths with focus on entrepreneurial pursuits and innovative research ideas.

5. Engage towards effective societal and sustainable contribution upholding most ethical values.

Program Outcomes

1. Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve complex business problems.

2. Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.

3. Ability to develop value based leadership skills.

4. Ability to understand, analyze and effectively communicate the global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of business.

5. Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment

1st Sem 2nd Sem 3rd Sem 4th Sem 5th Sem 6th Sem
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Applied and Adaptive Optics lab Material Characterization lab Data Structure Using C lab
Atomic and Molecular Physics lab Statistical Mechanics & Electromagnet. Theory lab Statistics using MAT Lab
Computational Physics lab Biochemistry and Analytical Techniques lab Micro Programming & Architecture lab
General Physics lab Microbiology lab Programming lab
Modern Physics lab Genetic Engineering lab Business presentation and language lab
Optics lab Immunology lab Object-Oriented Programming lab
Solid State Physics lab Bioinformatics lab Unix lab
Solid state Technology lab Bioreactor operations lab Graphics & Multimedia lab
General Chemistry lab Food and Environmental Biotechnology lab Basic Computer Application lab
Organic Chemistry lab Molecular Biology lab Electronic Media: Planning & Production lab
Inorganic Chemistry lab Basic Microscopy & Instrumentation lab Electronic Media: Writing, Editing & Execution lab
Polymer Processing lab Cytogenetic Techniques lab Press Photography lab
Polymer Technology lab Tissue Culture Techniques lab Film & Television: Theory & Practice lab
Chemical Engineering lab Numerical Methods lab Design & Page Make up lab