Prof. Goutam Roy Chowdhury

Chairman, Techno India Group

We at Techno India welcome our students whole-heartedly and provide them ample opportunities to broaden their horizons. Our distinguished faculty members pay utmost attention to the needs of the aspiring students and scrupulously guide them to explore their true potentials. In the present day and age where change is defined as the sole constant, we efficiently groom our students to adapt to a dynamic and ever-growing academic and professional world. Encouraging innovative thinking and instilling the zeal to experiment and delve into the uncharted territories of education are given uttermost importance.


Education in the truest sense of the term is not merely about inculcating the abilities to flourish in a professional world but most importantly, about infusing the ethical and moral values required to prosper as a social and civilized human being. Hence, instead of focusing the limelight on just being excellent academics, Techno India caters to the holistic grooming of novices.


Life, as we know it, is a wheel of ups and downs. By virtue of being mere “players” in the “stage” of life carefully scripted by God Almighty, the least human beings can do is do our part-be good and do good. We are all part of an otherwise immense society and the responsibility of keeping this universe in sync and in a state of harmony is on our shoulders. For once, we need to step out of our own ego and understand that there is a bigger meaning of our lives. As I often say-


“Leave ego else everyone would leave you”


Our guardians- the very people without whom we would have been deprived of living the miracle called life often become a big burden as they age and fail to carry out their daily chores. Taking care of our elderly parents should never be treated as a responsibility-rather it is a divine opportunity to let them live the rest of their lives in peace just as they have nurtured our lives in the past.


On this note, I invite the aspiring students to join Techno India for sky-rocketing their academic potentials as they embark on their journey to reach the pinnacle of success and prosperity.


Best Wishes!