Engineering & Re-engineering

"To succeed at re-engineering, you have to be a missionary, a motivator and a leg breaker." - Michael Martin Hammer

Techno India Group gives strong emphasis on Re-engineering: envisioning a better world using a refined and reformed design and strategy. Engineering students are trained to restructure, remodel and refurbish existing and conventional methodologies with a grand vision of creating something anew.

Innovation & research are the stepping stones of effective engineering. By providing an open source platform, aspirants at Techno India are groomed not only to be proficient in theoretical concepts but practical implementation as well since theoretical proficiency and application oriented expertise go hand in hand especially in Engineering & Technology.

Hands-on-training constitutes a major part of the academic experience here at Techno India. Inculcating the “can do-will do” attitude, skilled mentors here infuse the required vigor and zeal in students to recreate and renovate. Students are constantly encouraged to develop hybrid technologies which hold promising prospects in the decades to come.