The swift progression of Information and Communication Technology has brought a radical change in information and knowledge scenario giving rise to a number of options to the user communities to retrieve pertinent information both in the form of hard and soft documents at their ease. To this effect, the central library has adopted a sound and user responsive collection building policy. It has been constantly acquiring, organizing and processing conventional as well as electronic learning resources for its user community.

  • Books: The library has successfully built up a comprehensive collection of over 86819 books covering different branches of knowledge.
  • Journals & Electronic Resources: The library subscribes to 23 print journals and 83 bound volumes.
  • Online Journal IEEE (IEEE ASPP online and IEEE POP All online) ASPP Title 224 POP all online 18815.
  • E resource NDL (national digital library).
  • THE INSTITUTION OF engineers (India).
  • NPTEL.