Research & Development

Techno India Group plays an exquisite role in diverse fields of research and technology thus, contributing significantly to global development. Committed to fundamental research as well as development of innovative technologies, Techno India offers quality research training experience for the students. TIG’s extensive network creates unique opportunities for conducting and supporting research, particularly in inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary areas.


1. The impressive list of research projects funded by national and international organizations such as DST (Department of Science and Technology) and ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) reflect the remarkable quality of research work conducted at this reputed institute

2. Techno India Group organizes the IEEE Conference i.e. International Conference on Computer, Electrical & Communication Engineering (ICCECE) every year, seeking submission from Industry, Government and Academia focusing on offbeat Interdisciplinary Research Papers on practical as well as theoretical aspects of Computing, Electrical and Communication Engineering.

3. Techno India Group has also established a Radio Astronomy Laboratory where the students have communicated with the planet Jupiter, capturing the sounds of its rotation.

4. Students of the institute have been sent for Robotics training in Germany where they have acquired various opportunities to setup their vision for their next future step