Mechanical Engineering

Laboratories & Infrastructures

  • Five (5) nos. dedicated class rooms for Mechanical Engineering classes with ppt presentation facilities.
  • Following laboratories are well equipped to provide hands on practical training to the students.
    1. Engineering drawing -- Drawing Hall
    2. Workshop – Lathe, Shaping, Milling, Drill, Grinding, Power saw,
    3. Carpentry shop -- Wood lathe, Wood shaper
    4. Fitting Shop -- Marking too, Prick punch, Try square, Different cutting tool (Hacksaw, File)
    5. Sheet Metal -- Sheet Bending Machine
    6. Foundry -- Casting furnace, Cope, Drag, Pattern
    7. Forging shop -- Open Hearth Furnace, Anvil, Swage Block, Hammers, Tongs
    8. Welding Shop -- Arc welding transformer, Gas welding equipment, Pressure welding machine
    9. Design Software Lab – CREO software
    10. Applied Mechanics Lab -- Spring testing Machine, Hardness test, Strain guage, Universal Testing Machine
    11. Manufacturing Technology Lab
    12. Material Testing Lab -- Mould strength Measurement Machine, Permeability Measurement Machine, Cupping test Machine, Zomini Test Apparatus, Magnetic Particle Testing Arrangement, D P Test Arrangement, Impact Test - Izod, Charpy Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Ultrasonic Testing Machine, Eddy Testing Machine, Metallography Structure Analysis
    13. Heat Transfer Lab -- Thermal Conductivity of Brass Bar, Thermal Conductivity of Asbestos Powder, Emissivity Test, Pin Fin Apparatus, Heat Exchanger, Separating and Throttling Calorimeter
    14. IC Engine Lab -- Cut models of 4 stroke petrol and Diesel, 2 stroke petrol engine, Morse Test, Load Test (Petrol and Diesel Engine), MPFI, Catalytic Converters, Bomb Calorimeter
    15. Fluid Mechanics Lab – Venturimeter, Bernoulli's Apparatus, Reynolds Apparatus, Pipe Friction Loss Aparatus, Centrifugal Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Pelton Turbine
    16. Applied Fluid Mechanics Lab -- Cavitation Test rig, Submerged Jet, Stokes Law Apparatus, Pumps in series and parallel, Pipe fittings Apparatus
    17. Dynamics of Machine -- Governor Apparatus, CAM, Static Balancing Apparatus, Dynamic Balancing Apparatus, Gyroscope, Vibration Testing Apparatus
    18. Mechatronics Lab -- Pneumatic Apparatus, Hydraulic Apparatus, Logic Gate, PID, Open loop piston Controller, Closed loop position controller
    19. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration -- Vapour Compression Refrigeration System, Thermoelectric Refrigeration System, Window Type Air Conditioner, Air Conditioning Test Unit
    20. Machine tool lab – Dynamometer, Thermocouple, Chip thickness measurement apparatus
    21. Metrology Lab -- Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Spirit Level, Height Gauge, Depth Gauge, Surface Plate, Sine Bar, Bevel Protractor, Tally surf, Profile Projector
    22. Advanced Manufacturing Lab -- CNC Lathe, CNC Milling, Abrasive Jet Machining, Electrochemical Machine, Electric Discharge Machining, Radial Drill, Turret Lathe, Robotic Hands

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