Summer training

Special initiatives are taken to meet the course gap and several FSP program are carried out to meet the curriculum gap. Several lecture talks are arranged by inviting industry persons. Where industry person explain to the pupils about the latest trend of technologies in the industry. They are also taught about the latest of different Quality Control procedure in the industry. Sometimes the basics of managerial skills are explained to them. In all the year department is conducting several seminars where eminent persons from academics and industries are invited to deliver lectures to train up the students. Regular industry visits are conducted to educate the students about industry. The industrial visits are carried out in different industries to train up the students. Regular result analysis are taking place and after analyzing of the results some special classes are arranged for the weaker students. Sometimes some special class tests are arranged for the students to give them a chance to improve their scores.

The Training and Placement, Career Guidance & Entrepreneurship Cell of the department provides guidance and all the assistance for the students in order to achieve their career goals. Adequate emphasis is given for soft skill development complementing the regular academic programmes. Aptitude tests and group discussions are conducted at regular intervals to enable the students to improve their performance in competitive exams. The Placement Officer who is assisted by faculty and student representatives from the department heads this unit. Job oriented courses and special training programmes are regularly conducted. It also welcomes guest lectures, visiting faculty members for training students and facultymembers too.

The Training Details are as follows:
  • Communication training, Soft Skill training and Technical training.
  • Campus Recruitment Training for students in industries for 3-4 weeks at the end of 7th Semester
  • Pre – placement training is given based on their core subject which is followed by aptitude training
  • The aptitude training is also given to the students before every interview schedule for them
  • Further, they undergo employability and placement training to make them assertive to corporate
  • In the present scenario it is mandatory that students have to exhibit their technical talent along with the communication skills business etiquette, team work and leadership style. Hence the students undergo personality development training from the early semester onwards. The personality training has been conducted with the association of eminent corporate persons
  • Apart from this, our college provides an opportunity to the faculties to upgrade their teaching skills with the present scenario through faculty development programme in the regular interval