Departmental Events

Department of Food Technology, Techno Main has a legacy to encourage students to organise technical and engineering events where students from different colleges participate to test their creative skills and technical knowledge. The events are organised in two phases one as a part of EDGE (The Technical Fest of Techno Main Saltlake) and the other as the part of Sampriti (Alumni Meet of Food Technology Department). The details of the events are given below:

Table 1: Event Details

Name of theProgram Name of the Event Details
Edge (Food For Fun) X Quizit It is a quiz game have different rounds:
  1. Technical
  2. General knowledge
  3. Current Affairs
  4. Entertainment
  5. Sports
Food Relay It consists of 4 sub games. Each group consists of 2-4 participants Those who will finish the task first wins the game. The four games are-
  1. who am I
  2. riddles
  3. spot the difference
  4. Memory game
Here participants have to identify the product based on its description and their knowledge of Food Chemistry, Engineering and Technology.
Food Product Labelling The participants are assigned with a task of designing an attractive and communicative label for a particular food product keeping in mind the requirements of different national and legal standards.
Creation X-Nihilo The participants have to build either static or working models of different instruments with the materials provided to them. They need to have a clear concept of
Sampriti the working principles and technical facts of theequipments while presenting it to the judges.
Animate it This is an event where the participants have to prepare an advertisement for a specific food product in which ever possible way. The most innovative method is awarded the prize.
Poster/Display Presentation Participants have to prepare a power point or poster presentation based on a topic communicated to themearlier via the official EDGE website.
2 minutes to sell Participants are provided with a product or an idea which they have to convince the judges to buy as the name suggests the time limit is 2 minutes.
Think it out A real-life problem will be given to the team. They must find out the best possible solution using technical knowledge, analytical thinking and logical reasoning.
Slogan Hunt Participants have to design a slogan or caption for a give topic/ problem
Foodiepreneurship Students are encouraged to develop their own product and sell them at the event.
Poster Presentation Participants are asked to present and defend their original research or review ideas in form of a poster presentation.
Heads up It’s a game of Charades where participants are grouped into team of two. One is given a topic and has to describe its technical aspects while the other one has to guess the correct answer. The team which works fastest wins.
DP 2.0 Participants have to prepare a display only presentation related to various industry related problems and have to give a possible solution.
Treasure Trove It consists of 4 events which requires technical knowledge, quick thinking, teamwork and coordination:
  1. Wriddlez
  2. Sharp Shooter
  3. As you like it
  4. As many as you can
Along with the departmental reunion students also participate in other events organised by the institute