Food Technology

Collaboration and Consultancy:

Department in association with TIFAC-CORE, Techno India has given support to many industries to solve the industry-related problems, as and when required. It initiated some activities to strengthen industry-institute relationship.

  • Department has provided support in analysis of industrial products i.e. fruit jam to a small-scale food-processing industry “Mummy’s Magic
  • GM Agro Allied Pvt. Ltd.

The industry approached the CORE team the existing challenge of introducing a soya-substitute in their poultry feed to make the feed cost-effective.

Preliminary analysis of the samples provided by the industry was carried out.

The said farm is also in a business of poultry product (single yolk and double yolk).TIFAC-CORE, TI had taken special interest to find out the nutritional features of double-yolk egg in comparison to single-yolk. CORE has carried out the nutritional analysis for both the eggs and found out that quantitative value of double-yolk egg is higher with respect to single yolk egg.

Budge-budge Refineries Pvt. Ltd.

Mr.Bijoy Agarwal, Director and Mr.Sumit Dutta, Marketing head visited Techno India on 16th May, 2015.

Department in association with CORE, TI, worked together towards development and preliminary analysis of dehydrated margarine, an innovative product, conceptualized by them. A visit was made to their shortening plant in Budge-budge. Total process-line has been monitored and CORE has discussed the modification in the process with them. Modified sample was analyzed and found to be comparable with market sample of margarine.

Modern Bakery, Taratala:

TIFAC, Techno India identified a specific area in the processing line of the bakery sector and would like to work on the value-addition of the ground crumb generated as a by-product in the bread-slicing section. Crumb was sourced from the processing line and cookies were developed in our laboratory. After lots of trials, the products are now ready to showcase to the bakery industries.

IFB Agro Industries Ltd.

The department in collaboration with the department of Food & Biochemical Engineering at JU is engaged in a sponsored project towards valorization of distillery waste for the development of food products for human consumption.

Other consultancy services in pipeline include Seafood industries, Jam-Jelly production industry, Tea process industry, Vinegar industry, Flour industry.