Computer Science and Engineering


CSE United is the annual departmental cultural fest cum alumni meet of the CSE Department of Techno India Salt Lake. It is the enthusiastic effort to nurture the young minds and provide a platform to exhibit their incredible skills. However the main objective of the event is to provide a rare insight into the challenges and opportunities one might face in the coming years as well as ways to devise and formulate the strategies and who would do it better than the experienced ones themselves-The Alumni.

Apart from the faculties of CSE department and the Alumni, the event is graced by:

  • Mrs. Manoshi Roy Chowdhury, Co-Chairman Techno India Group.
  • Mr. Meghdut Roy Chowdhury, Director of Global Operations Techno India Group.
  • Dr. Sujoy Biswas, Director and CEO of Techno India Group.
  • Dr. Rina Paladhi, Director, Techno Main, Salt Lake.
  • Dr. C. K. Bhattacharyya, Principal, Techno Main, Salt Lake.
  • Prof Soumita Sasmal, Registrar, Techno Main, Salt Lake.

The progress book that has been releasing on the grand occasion of CSE United since last three iterations is a portrayal of the numerous breakthroughs that the Department of CSE, Techno Main Salt Lake has made throughout the years. The dedication put forward by the teachers and students to stand out from the crowd, fighting to shine brighter in this competitive era, has played a pivotal role in shaping the young minds.

The events are as follows:

B-plan -encourages the upcoming entrepreneurs to put their ideas forward and analyze it.

Mr. and Miss CSE -proves as a litmus test of the confidence and problem solving skills of the students.

Two minutes to fame,-a novelty inclusion last year, witness a brilliant display of talent.

Performances in CSE United frequently includes the following:

  • Group and solo dancing with the ethnic vibe as well as the western groove.
  • They say music is the medicine of the soul and one shall not feel otherwise on the day of CSE United.

Students sing melodious tracks ranging from the classics of Jagjit Singh to the latest Bollywood hits, fresh and always ready to be served. To conclude, CSE United is a stage to develop the young minds from all possible orientations as well as a connection to keep bonds between its students, faculties and alumni strong.

CSE Department and Team CSE United along with the Convener, Prof. Poulami Dutta, do ensure to put their blood and sweat into this event that gives it a grandeur worth a watch.

A journey that kick started 9 years ago with a faith in the abilities of the members of the CSE Dept. and a belief to shine brighter with every passing year has reached a position beyond our dreams and the we hope to continue this legacy forward in the years to come.