Computer Science and Engineering

Centre of Excellence in Reconfigurable Technology


To become a center for excellence in Education and Research in Reconfigurable Technology and meet the needs of fast growing Reconfigurable Technology industries


Design and Implement Reconfigurable Technology in wide range of application areas using state-of-the-art tools and technologies


  • To carry out laboratory experiments in the field of Reconfigurable Technology
  • To carry out research and guidance in Reconfigurable Technology related areas by establishing VLSI Design and Technology Lab and act as a Resource Centre for nearby Institutions
  • To provide quality research project and training services in Reconfigurable Technology, Embedded Systems, System-On-Chip (SoC) and Network-On-Chip (NoC) technologies
  • To have sustained linkage with industries
  • To conduct quality research and consultancy and retain eminent professors and researchers
  • To develop “Centre for Excellence” in the design and implementation of applications in the field of Security Architecture, DSP, Embedded System, Communication, and Reconfigurable Technology

Reconfigurable Technology is another area where India is growing in leaps and bounds. With Computer Science and IT, India becoming a global hub for software technology, this Reconfigurable Technology area which is presently given little importance will become a pioneer in the years to come. We establish a comprehensive development platform to accelerate Reconfigurable Technology and Technology with Hardware development boards, software and System on Programmable Chip Development Tools Suite, embedded processors, on-board memory, a vast set of I/O pins, and a wide range of standard and research oriented Intel-FPGA intellectual property (IP). Configurable embedded processors allow you to easily create a microprocessor-based system that is customized to match your application requirements. System on Programmable Chip by system generation tool automates IP configuration and integration. More IP cores offered that you can use off-the-shelf to create a hardware system in just minutes using SOPC Builder. With suitable design software, you can minimize power, optimize speed, and reduce system compile times in your FPGA design.

Reconfigurable Technology in Engineering Education

The concept of Reconfigurable Technology becomes extremely popular in research centre as well as academics. Hundreds of universities, engineering colleges and technical institutes have made the laboratory setup dedicated to Reconfigurable Technology. Some advantages of VSD in Engineering Education are:

  1. Reconfigurable Technology platform shall provide teachers a powerful tool to demonstrate the concepts taught in the class making the teaching more effective.
  2. Reconfigurable Technology platform takes full advantage of Programmability of the hardware to teach various design methods.
  3. Industry is moving towards Programmable hardware for fast time to market, future up gradation possibility, non-obsolete to design prototyping of electronic system, FPGA based system design platform at a rapid pace and some of the tools have become a de facto standard in the industry. Therefore students who shall gain first-hand experience using CAD tools in colleges will graduate with the skills and knowledge to meet future technical challenges.
  4. The maintenance cost of computer based hardware and software experimental setups is quite low.
Adoption of Reconfigurable Technology in Engineering Curriculum

Reconfigurable Technology is being used by engineering faculty world over in various disciplines for research and teaching courses. Some of the courses and disciplines which are using Reconfigurable Technology in universities are:

  • Digital Electronics
  • Digital Signal Processing and its applications
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Digital Communication System
  • Embedded System
  • System on Chip